Monday, October 05, 2009

Two more Anne'cdotes

This morning Anne and Jamie were on the bed with me after I had finished feeding Jamie (side note, I LOVE it when all my children are with me, close to me, touching me, touching each other, not quite enough space for the 3 of us to fit in the space sort of lounged on top of one another....I love it-this morning was like that.) I told Anne that maybe I would get her and Jamie matching Christmas PJs. Anne excitedly said as she pointed to Jamie, "Yeah, He can wear pink and I can wear pink!"

Then this evening Anne had just watched a Winnie the Pooh DVD and was telling us what had happened in the story and she said, "And E-Whore got to fly..." We started to crack up and said with good enunciation, "No Anne, it's E-ore." To which she said with equal enunciation "E-Whore!"

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Nicole said...

haha! The eeyore thing reminds me of what you used to call Elenor...