Saturday, October 17, 2009

He thinks he's a big boy

Buddy boy apparently has not gotten the memo that says he is only 7 and a half months old. He is pulling up to a stand and crawling, both things done by much older babies on average. Now he has decided to add self feeding to the list. He's been able to put puffs in his mouth for the past few weeks-maybe even a month-but more recently he's started protesting to being fed from a spoon. He turns his head away and refuses to look at me when I try and feed him with a spoon. Even when I call his name, bang on his tray or make funny noises. It is quite the chore to feed him from a spoon now. The other day I read about a few ideas for foods for self feeders. I tried out one last night and it was a huge success! Here's my, albeit messy, guy-feeding himself a concoction of brown rice and carrots.

The first "ball" of food...hmm...will he go for it?

...Oh yeah!
Yummy Mommy! Thanks for letting me feed myself, even if I did make a huge mess!

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Erica said...

What a cutie! And, I totally relate! Joseph has taken to hitting the spoon away and splattering food everywhere. He pretty much eats whatever we eat now, but I still like to give him pureed veggies. Hopefully Jamie won't take after Joseph in terms of temper regarding other things. The back-arching, screaming fits are something I could live without!