Monday, August 03, 2009

Making Baby's Food-Apples

I made about 99% of Anne's baby food, including her cereals. I intend to do the same for Jamie. Since I love cooking and I'm really into healthy foods, this is more of a fun thing for me to do than a chore. I enjoyed it with Anne and I think I might enjoy it even more with Jamie. Tonight I made his very first homemade babyfood. He has had some food for about a week and a half now. He doesn't have it every night-I still want to try and stick with it being something he gets if we are all eating and he's hungry too. So far he's had banana in the mesh feeder and applesauce from a jar. (Compliments of my sister, Shellie). The jar of apples ran out last night, so I decided to make him some applesauce. Since apples are one of the "dirty dozen" I decided I would make it, and all foods on the "dirty dozen" organic. Total time was about 30 minutes and I made 16oz of it. Since eats about one ounce of food (a little less than half a stage one jar), this would last me about 16 feedings. So 30 minutes for probably a month worth of applesauce, not too shabby. Here's the price breakdown:

-Earth's Best Organic applesauce: 27.5 cents an ounce
-Gerber Organic applesauce: 24.5 cents an ounce
-My organic applesauce: 22.5 cents an ounce

I realize that saving only 2 cents an ounce doesn't seem like much, but that means for every 10 onces he eats (or 5 stage one jars), I'm essentially getting once ounce free. If he eats 20 ounces in a month, that is about $2 a month I'm saving. Over the course of 6 months of babyfood, it's about $10. Again, doesn't seem like that big of a saving, but when I make his food with conventional produce (and I'll do this for anything that isn't on the "dirty dozen" list), the savings will easily be 10-20 cents an ounce, which could amount to $100-$200 worth of saving over the course of feeding your kid baby food. Not too shabby. (Plus, some of this will essentially be "free" since I have green beans and zucchini growing in my garden and I'll give him both of those things eventually.) Again, for me, this is more of a fun hobby, not necessarily about saving money, though it is a huge perk. Here's pictures of the baby food and my little guy enjoying it.

"Yummy mommy! Thanks for the good grub!"

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