Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Anne's Ambitions

I think Anne has decided her ambitions in life are to be either Octomom or a Duggar. She has been pretty obsessed with playing house and mommy for the past year. Since I got pregnant, she, of course, has enjoyed pretending too there was a baby in her tummy. Recently she has been pregnant with just one baby, a girl, named D.W. Yesterday, however, she decided she was pregnant with twins. A boy and a girl. Not too different. But then later in the day here's how it played out: I was her daughter (Anne), Jamie was my brother, and we had another brother (Rah Rah-her bear). She was also pregnant with triplets-2 girls (D.W. and Sister Bear-from the Berenstein Bears and Brother Bear-from the same stories). So all in all, Anne was going to have 6 kids! Wow. I was gonna blog this yesterday because in and of itself it was pretty funny, but then to conclude the saga and add icing to the cake, today before her naps, she was pregnant yet again, this time with-get it-10 babies! Holy cow! Guess she really is wanting to be either Octomom or a Duggar when she grows up!

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