Thursday, July 30, 2009

The good times keep rolling

Today Anne pooped outside. Yeah. You read that right. After 2 emergency pees in a bunch of trees the past few months, she apparently thinks it's okay to pull her pants down in our backyard, squat and let it go. Oh, and then to scream out "I went poo poo!" for all the neighbors to hear.

In other news, Jamie had his first baby food tonight. I know I said we were gonna hold off on pureed baby food, but I tried to give him some apple in the mesh feeder and whether it was too hard, not sweet enough, or he was just fussy, he wasn't very interested. In the interest of wanting to be able to eat my dinner before putting him down, I opened a jar of baby food we happened to have around (thanks Shellie) and fed him about half the jar. His expression was great. He would sort of make a sour face (even though I tasted them and they weren't sour) and scrunch up his mouth and nose. I am pretty sure he was thinking "Why am I eating this crap when I could be drinking milk? Huh mom?"

Even with it being his first time being fed food on a spoon, and even though he's barely 5 months old, he did wonderful. Not once did he spit the food our nor did he ever seem to be at a loss of what to do with it. From the first spoonful, he knew to move it around in his mouth and swallow. I feel good about where we are with solid foods. It feels natural and right-I'm not rush it, I'm not anxious that we are starting too soon or too late, I'm not worried if he's getting enough to eat...we are just moving at a good pace, trying things out, doing whatever feels good at the moment. I like this.


Just Me said...

I caught up last night but was zoned so I didn't comment...but
Stinky pees outside..a lot. Pee I do not mind. it is the least of my concerns. Other...yeah I would mind.

Congrats for Jamie! Way to go little boy! I can't believe he is growing so fast!

Shellie said...

Maybe she pooped in the yard because she saw the dog do it? Or who knows!

That baby food was the little jars I got from the baby fair when you were still pregnant-I'm glad I passed them along to you!