Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I sit here right now, listening to my little boy making protest fussing in his bed. He went down for his nap barely an hour ago and he is up already. Is it because he just needed a few extra minutes of sleep and that is why he is awake alredy or is it because big sister made too much noise playing? Either way, this little guy has been demanding as of late. If his nap is getting close, he cries and fusses non stop until he can get in his bed and go to sleep. After only half an hour or so of being up, he is wanting to be held otherwise he is fussing. I am using the sling a bit more, but even with "hands free" it is hard to play with Anne or get housework done. I think part of the problem is Jamie is realizing he wants to do things but can't. I think he wants to sit up and crawl and play with toys instead of gumming them but he isn't quite able to do any of that yet. He is pretty advanced in things and can sit by himself now, but he is bent in half and not at all in a position to play when sitting. He can pull his knees under him and raise up on his arms but then he just lets it all go and plops on the ground. He can grab toys but the draw to his mouth is too much or he gets too excited and just bops himself in the head. Oh little guy. I adore having you be a baby. I love holding you close. I love being able to hold your entire body, from head to toes, in my arms. I know these days are precious and short. I treasure each of them in a way I couldn't and didn't with Anne. I curse the day you are old enough to squirm away from me and tell me "no mommy!" And yet, on days like today, days when you are fussy and clingy I look forward to you being more independent-so that it doesn't take so much of me to take care of you. But still, I hang on to every moment that you are giving me right now...because it will be over too soon. I love you little guy.

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