Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Update in pictures

Anne and little girl has a little guy has a sister. My husband has a son and a daughter and I have two children. When and how did this happen?

My little man after a particularly traumatizing morning (for him) and after a bath that was intended to calm him but had the opposite affect. As soon as he was in mama's arms he calmed down...he is a mama's boy for sure. Can you see how his hair is combed to the side?

Recently I got super crafty and creative and made Anne a "Girl" salad. Isn't it cute? I was very proud of the finished outcome.

*Note-just because the spinach is her skirt and carrots are her arms and legs does not make it more desireable to a 3 year old.


Nicole said...

I LOVE the salad! Very clever!

It's so cute how J is looking at A in the first picture!

Anonymous said...

wow, he looks so much like you, april! do you think so?

Atwood-Family of 4 said...

Hmm...not sure if i can see it-maybe i'll have to do a comparison picture or something. which one in particular looks like me?