Friday, April 10, 2009

Strange Babe

With Anne, she was worn in the sling almost everyday for the first 6 months and regularly for the first year. Jamie, hasn't been worn nearly as often with Anne for a number of reasons. We have a carrier infant carseat and with Anne we only had a convertible, so I had to carry her in the sling wherever we went until she could sit up in the shopping cart. Another reason he doesn't get worn as much is I have Anne and double the amount of things to do. So if there's down time when he's happy, he gets put down whereas Anne might have gone in the sling to get things done around the house. Still, Jamie gets time in a carrier at least a few times a week. Today, he woke up from his nap early. I was a little frustrated because I wanted to get things done around the house. I fed him and figured I would wear him for half an hour or so, he'd fall asleep while I did some work and I'd put him down. He had other plans. I put him in the carrier and he immediately started to cry. Not crying in pain, but frustration. Usually I just bounce him or start moving around and he quiets down and enjoys the carrier. Not today. The bouncing didn't calm him so I took him out after several minutes, put him in his crib and wrapped him snugly in his swaddle blanket. Immediate quiet and his eyes started to close. Don't I have a strange baby, who (today at least) would rather fall asleep on his own, in his crib rather than on mama while she walks around holding him. All I gotta say-at least he's sleeping. :)

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Shellie said...

It might just be the swaddling itseslf. Most babies like being swaddled. And maybe he wanted to lay on his back? Who know what the babies are thinking sometimes.