Thursday, April 16, 2009

Finding my way back

I wrote a long time ago about becoming Semi-vegetarians. Once John and I made the choice to do it, we embraced it least in spirit and theory. Doing it for real has obstacles. First of all, pregnancy and sometimes not feeling like eating something healthy or cravings. Second of all, eating at other people's houses-other people who are carnivores and not wanting to offend or make a nuisance of ourselves. Third of all, eating out. See many vegetarian options on McDonald's menu? Case made and closed. So even though John and I believe 100% in eating less meat, our journey has been one of ups and downs. This past week though, I have come to see a need and desire for it again. It's strange because my desire to be more meat-free is almost a spiritual desire. I don't know how to explain it but last week we ate amazing-we had super healthy, super inventive dinners (how about sweet potato and black bean burritos?) and I felt like my soul was being fed. I felt more whole and peaceful with that food in my tummy instead of meat and potatoes. So I would like to start to find my way back to where we were when we started. I'm excited to do so. It's summer time almost and I have 7 vegetables planned out for our garden. Plus I am ready to up our organic fruit and vegetable box to every 2 weeks instead of every 3 weeks. I'm really excited to start back up and see what happens in our lives physically and spiritually as a result.


Nicole said...

I'm excited to do a garden this year too! What will you be planting??

Anonymous said...

stop talking about it. just do it!
youll like it.