Sunday, February 08, 2009


I love Anne's age. I recently told a friend that this is the age I'm going to miss. Yeah, I get reminiscent about her baby days-thinking about how cute she was, how very round she was (she was like a big ball from 6-12 months), how innocent she was. I get the same way about her early toddler days-just how cute she was. But this age, this is the one I'm going to miss as she gets older. This is the age I want to hold on to and capture forever. If I could freeze time, I would keep her almost 3 forever.

Lately we've been having lots of conversations. I love that Anne talks. I love what comes out her mouth. I love to hear what's going on in her head and hear her toddler logic-so simple. I love being surprised by her astute observations on life. Everyday I have example after example of her adorable conversations. Here's a few from the past few days:

(Telling Anne I need to cut her nails soon-which she hates) "I think when Daddy comes home, we need to cut your nails."
Anne: "Maybe we do it later"
April: "Yeah, later when daddy comes home."
Anne: "Maybe later after the baby comes."

(Anne and I were making brownies. As we got to the step to add sugar, I realized that I didn't have any at all left in the house.) "Oh Anne, we don't have any sugar. We can't make brownies without sugar."
Anne: "We'll just have Tom give us some" (Our next door neighbor-whom we borrowed flour from a few weeks ago.)

(Talking to Anne about the baby coming and how it might be hard sometimes to have the baby here) "Sometimes you might want mommy to play with you but the baby might be crying and need mommy. Mommy won't be able to play with you then."
Anne: "Daddy play with me then and mommy take care of the baby."
April: "That's a good idea, but Daddy might not be home."
Anne: "Then I just sing the baby a song and he stop crying and feel better, and mommy play with me."

There are so many more examples that are alluding me right now. But I just love talking with my 2 year old, 9 month daughter. It is definitely a highlight of my day.

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Shellie said...

These are so sweet! I totally get what you mean about her little conversations and logic-so adorable! I especially loved how she'll sing to the baby and he'll go to sleep then you can play with her! If only we could solve all problems so eaisly...