Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Anne's name choice

The entire pregnancy, we've asked Anne if she thought she was having a boy or girl-brother or sister. She has consistently gone back and forth, never giving the same answer for very long. Recently however, for the past few weeks, she has insisted she wants a girl. If we suggest it might be a boy, she says "No, it's a girl." I'm not sure why she has decided this, but I get a kick that she's finally become attached in her way to her new sibling. Another thing we have tried to get her to do is name the baby in cute little toddler names. You always hear of toddlers picking out the cutest names for their siblings, believing in their young hearts that "Elmo" is indeed the best possible name anyone could name a new human. I've loved hearing those names. Anne, however, has refused to participate at all...until recently. She is very firm that the boy's name is Jamie. She does not waver from that at all (probably because for 6 months we thought it was a boy and that was the only name we had-we didn't have girls names at all at that point). Now, as I stated, she does have an adorable toddler name for a baby sister: DW (from Arthur). She is incredibly insistent about this and gets upset if we try and tell her the name might be something else. She looks at us fiercely and says stubbornly- "No, DW!" If it is a girl, I hate to break her little heart and tell her that we aren't actually going to call the baby DW.

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