Saturday, January 10, 2009

Guest Room Remodel pictures

Finally! We are slowly but surely working our way through the rooms and trying to finish them up-hanging things that need to be hung, buying the little knick-knacks, pictures, etc, placing things where they belong. So far we've completely finished the guest room. Anne's room and the new bathroom are almost done and just need a bit more. Here are pictures of our new guest room-similar looking to the old one, but I love this room now. I love the 3 Hawaii pictures on the wall, I love the pictures high up on the shelf of John and I each with Anne, I love how the couch looks so cozy against the windows. This is now one of my favorite rooms in the house. Enjoy!

The new closet.

See our beautiful Hawaii pictures (the ones that took 3-almost 4 years to frame?)

Couch all cozy against the windows. (I had to close the shades because I couldn't get a good shot with the light coming in but normally they are open.)

The view from the couch-where the wall juts out on the right and beyond that all used to be closet. We had our contractor knock down the closet and build a new one to give the room some more square footage. The room is the same square footage as a normal bedroom just configured differently now-about 7x13 (instead of the normal 10x10 or 11x11).

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Nicole said...

Looks great! Again, I love that color!! It looks like your honeymoon pictures were destined to be in there.