Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A fun pregnancy quiz

I was looking through some stuff I had from when I was pregnant with Anne and when she was first born and I found a "quiz" some friends of mine made up for my baby shower. It had 10 pretty random questions about the pregnancy, so I thought to be fair, I'd try and make a similar quiz for this baby. Although I mainly made this up as a keepsake for the baby, I thought I'd post it here just for fun, so here goes:

1. April's biggest worry during the first half of the pregnancy was:

a. miscarriage
b. twins
c. triplets
d. health problems with the baby

B. April thought she heard two heartbeats on her at home Doppler and spent the next few weeks obsessively worrying about the possibility of twins. Fortunately the ultrasound and further appointments have not indicated twins at all.

2. April and John first heard the heartbeat:

a. At the first midwife appointment at 10 weeks
b. At the second midwife appointment at 14 weeks
c. At 8 weeks at home
d. At 9 weeks at home

D. April and John borrowed a Doppler from a friend. April started to faithfully listen for a heartbeat daily (sometimes more than once a day!) at 8 weeks. At 9 weeks their hard work paid off and they heard the first heartbeat!

3. April and John first agreed they thought the baby was a boy. Why did they think this?

a. This pregnancy was a lot different than Anne's
b. April was more hungry this pregnancy
c. April had morning sickness and was more tired this pregnancy
d. None of the above
e. All of the above

E. All of the above

4. At the midpoint ultrasound April and John found out

a. The baby was a boy
b. The baby was a girl
c. They were having twins
d. The baby was healthy

D. April and John opted not to find out the sex this pregnancy so we found out that we have a completely healthy baby, growing right on target.

5. At what point did April start to feel peace about this pregnancy?

a. End of the first trimester
b. After the ultrasound at 19 weeks
c. 24 weeks
d. 28 weeks

C. 24 weeks. April had a lovely, wonderful time of peacefulness from weeks 24-32 where she hardly worried at all about the baby. This happened mainly because at 24 weeks the baby could possibly survive outside the womb.

6. What has been April's biggest pregnancy complaint?

a. Her ribs hurting
b. Her hips hurting
c. Feeling tired
d. Feeling sick

A and B. This pregnancy I've had rib and hip pain again. Although this time the hip pain was so severe it caused me to go to a chiropractor on a weekly basis.

7. At 28 weeks April decided she thought this baby was a girl. Why?

a. The heartbeat was fast
b. April was not any extra hungry than she was before she got pregnant
c. April was not any more "beautiful" than before she got pregnant (thus the baby "stole" her beauty)
d. All of the above

B. This is a trick question. After deciding I thought it was a girl, all of those reasons came into play but the initial reason that made me do a double take and think it was a girl was because I realized one day that I was not anymore hungry than I was before the pregnancy. I heard an old wives tale that with a boy, you are more hungry and with a girl you are not. Thus that sealed my intuition that I think it's a girl.

8. Big sister Anne is very excited for the baby to come out. What does she usually call the baby?

a. Baby
b. Peanut
c. Our baby
d. Little one

C. Our baby. Anne has a book on being a big sister and in it the big sister refers to the baby only as "our baby" thus, when Anne talks about the baby 90% of the time she says "our baby". (Such as "I'm going to hold our baby." or "...when our baby comes out..."

9. What is April's biggest fear about the delivery?

a. Being alone
b. The midwife not being there
c. A cord wrapped around the neck or baby
d. Taking care of Anne while being in labor

C. Although all of the above are fears and worries, I am most worried about a cord being around the baby's neck. Mainly because I do not know how to deal with that on my own, if John or the midwife were to miss the birth. All the other things I feel like I could easily handle.

10. April and John have had a name for a boy since the beginning. It is James and they would call him Jamie. After April decided she thought the baby was a girl, a girl name "came" to her one day and seemed perfect for a little girl in their family, specifically this baby inside her. What name is that?

a. Libby
b. Lydia
c. Lizzie
d. Lila

C. Lizzie. One day April was at the library and heard a mom call her daughter Lizzy. It hit April that if they had a girl, because this baby is so active, she would probably be a tom boy or play sports. Lizzy seemed like the perfect name for a tom boy, sports playing girl. So April and John are currently settled on Elizabeth, and calling her Lizzy, if it's a girl.

So there are 10 random things about the pregnancy. Hope you enjoyed it!


Nicole said...

That was fun! I almost got them all correct! :)

Farrah said...

Cute idea! I think I would have gotten 5-6 right. I knew about the twins and the extra hungry and then the switch to thinking its a girl... Although I guessed your fear would be being alone during the birth. :)