Sunday, January 25, 2009


Standing on eggshells.
The truest definition of limbo.
Afraid to move lest it all crack and I fall without being able to stop.
Closing my eyes, begging for time to speed up.
Closing my eyes, wondering what the future holds, knowing it has already been created and played out.
Needing to watch and wait and wonder.
Praying that I make it across without breaking.
Trusting in God's Sovereignty yet knowing sometimes even with trust things crack and break and fall apart.
Wondering if that will happen to me.
Pleading with my Lord who holds my future and the life inside me to not let it break.
Knowing I must trust yet I continue to be human.
Left with no answers.
Left without moving forward, for now.
Left standing on eggshells.


Nicole said...

Wow-did you write this?
April Atwood, the poet?

Atwood-Family of 3 said...

Yep i did write it-I have always had a knack for writing just haven't exercised it in a LONG time. This one is certainly not one of my bests but i also didn't spend much time on it. Thanks niki.