Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Anne's take on the baby

Anne's said a few sweet, sorrowful, sad, and touching things about the baby this week:

Anne often asks me to hold her-seems to be more lately, but not more than anything normal, just more than before. Anyway, my response is usually that I can't, the baby is too big. The other day we were going downstairs and she said in the sweetest, most sincere and touching voice "Mommy you hold me and not the baby?". Totally tugged my heart strings.

Tonight giving her a bath; very occasionally I join her and we take a bath together. Again, my response lately to a lot of things is that I can't do them because the baby is too big. She asked me tonight, "Mommy is the baby big or little." Not sure what she was getting at I said "The baby's little." Anne said, "Then you can take a bath with me?"

Seriously so sweet. And so comforting to know that even though there are a few things she struggles with or misses, I know for a fact she isn't hurting emotionally over this and for now is doing completely fine.

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Shellie said...

That is so bittersweet. Anne is such a cutie! There will be jealousy eventually but it will all be ok as long as Anne still gets lots of affection and attention and gets opportunities to be a "big sister". She can come to me with any problems on that. I know all about being a big sister!