Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Silly Sex Games

Is your mind in the gutter? You know the word "sex" does have another meaning-GENDER! So this post is about the silliness leading me to wonder about the sex of my child. For the past 6-7 months John and I have assumed it was a boy. For a few reasons-this pregnancy is completely different than Anne's. I was sick the first trimester, which I wasn't with Anne and have generally been more tired. This baby also moves waaaay more than Anne did, and sadly, our society and everyone I meet says an active baby is a boy baby. (Silly, right!?) Also, my sister told me something last year that I bought hook, line and sinker-if you're pregnant with a boy, you eat more calories. Whether this is scientifically true or an old wives tale, I don't know but it made sense and I bought it. In the beginning I was eating a lot more (although now that I think it's a girl I have a new explanation). Finally, the Chinese Lunar Calendar said it was a boy.

However, a few weeks ago, a thought occurred to me and I changed my mind and now I think this baby might be a girl. Here's why (and some of them are downright silly!):

-My appetite actually hasn't increased at all. It's identical to what it was pre-pregnancy. My theory for eating more in the beginning isn't that I was more hungry, it was that eating staved off nausea. I was confusing eating more with being more hungry and now I think that I was just trying to beat the nausea to the punch, so to speak.
-The heart rate is high, and has been high the entire pregnancy. It's been in the 150s-160s the entire time. Exactly what Anne was and in addition, I had a real, live medical doctor tell me that a higher heart rate generally indicates a girl and a lower one a boy.
-Finally, here's the silly one, I don't physically look better. You know the wives tale about girls stealing your beauty? With Anne I never every felt like I got a "glow" or that my hair looked all that great-both things that are supposed to happen. And it hit me the other day that the same is happening now. I don't feel like I look any better than I did pre-pregnancy. And while neither pregnancy has "stolen" my beauty neither has added to it yet either.

So I guess we'll see right? I have to say, not knowing is SO FUN! I'm so glad I don't know! It really adds a level of excitement and anticipation to the whole event. I cannot wait to birth this baby and see what it turns out to be.

How about you? Any guesses on the sex of the baby? Any specific reasons why? Love to hear your feedback!


briana said...

Hi -
I'm a high school friend of Catherine's and read your blog every once in awhile.. Just thought I would let you know that 2 different nurses commented to me too about a fast heart rate - "Oh, a fast heart rate, you know what that means?" At the time I didn't so the 1st one told me and I was like oh, ok but continued to wait it out to find out for sure. Ends up I have 2 boys! So I think it's all just made up to keep us guessing. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Based on me thinking that the breastfeeding picture was of the new baby, I would vote girl!

Nicole said...

At first I thought that the BFing picture was of the new baby too and I was so worried since baby would have been so early!
At times I think that you will definitely have a boy because it seems like you are in a "boy wave" but then it's kind of hard to picture you with a boy probably because you have Anne. I go back and forth. I know that for sure, I'm so excited to find out & as insensitive as this sounds, I hope you blog and let us know asap after baby's arrival!! Make John do it!!

Shellie said...

I hope it's a boy! Then I won't have to hear our Dad say that I need to give him a grandson anymore! LOL! And also then if you don't have any more kiddos, our girls are so close already it will be more like they are sisters than cousins!