Friday, March 14, 2008

A tribute to Andrina

Today I asked Anne who came over yesterday. She said (with long pauses in between each): "Rina. Hellie. Baby." Aww!! (Translation for those not fluent in "Anne": "Andrina, Shellie. Baby.") When we went to the park today, when she saw it, she immediately said "Rina!". So sad that Andrina was not there. Then when I asked her if she wanted to swing, she walked over to the pair of swings, pointed at one and said "Rina swing." Pointed at the other and said "Annie swing." Holy cow! She even remembered which swing Andrina sat in yesterday! That's impressive!

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Shellie said...

Ohh! That just warms my heart! I'm so happy Anne enjoyed "playing" with Andrina! Looks like they are going to need to spend more time on the swings together. Maybe it's time we set up weekly play-dates?