Friday, March 14, 2008

So nice continued!

Nothing sets the day for me like how Anne eats. I realize I'm a bit tied up in her eating habits, but really, we eat 5x a day together. That is either 5x to fight about her eating or 5x to have a pleasant experience. Since she's a toddler, more times than not, those 5x revolve around me begging her to take one more bite, please don't spit the food out, and yes, you can eat one pea and not gag. Yesterday Anne was a star with eating. Today she's simply amazing. For breakfast I made her a "special shake" of apple juice, a few spoonfuls of yogurt and about a 1/4 of a banana. In addition she ate an entire piece of toast a piece of cheese. For lunch just now, she's eating spaghetti O's with peas that I added. That's right, I added peas and SHE'S EATING THEM! Whoo Hoo!! I think honestly, Anne gets a single, toddler-sized serving of vegetables in her maybe 4x a week. So this is great. Plus she ate 4 strawberries! That's practically her entire day's worth of fruit in one sitting. It makes me so happy to have a meal with her where not only does she not fight with me, but she also eats something healthy and good for her.

Now we are off to change a diaper and play outside in this glorious day the Lord has blessed us with today.

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