Monday, January 21, 2008

A new calling

So for the second time in my life, I am being paid by a friend to cook meals for them! The first time this happened was when I was in college. A single bachelor friend of mine who made waaaay too much money (and he'll tell you that!) hired me to make him meals to last the week. I'd go "in" one day and do some shopping, cook up some meals and put them in the freezer for him. This "job" lasted about a year. Now for the second time, I am once again being asked to put my culenary experience to work. One of John's friends always talks to him about how his wife never cooks for them and how they are always eating take out. His wife readily admits she just doesn't have time to cook a meal after working 8 hours a day, plus commute, plus picking up their young son from daycare, and getting him situated at home. To pour salt in the wound, John and his friend work together so he is constantly seeing all the glorious food I cook for John, since John brings leftovers to work for lunch probably 4 or 5 days of the week. So John's friend has "hired" me to start making them dinners. John already drives his friend to work (he lives less than 10 minutes away) so on Mondays and Thursdays, when Nick comes home, he'll come homewith a homemade, healthy dinner in his hands. Tonight I'm making them (and us) homemade chili, with all the fixins, and salad. Thursday I'm making a cheesy pasta dish with bread. Next week we'll see. I'm pretty excited about this opportunity, but also pretty nervous, because I think I cook well, John thinks I cook well, but I have no clue what the rest of the world thinks of it. Whenever I cook for friends I get the normal, polite compliments, no one has ever raved about my food. So we'll see if Nick and his wife think my cooking is worthy of their payment every week or if they'll start frequenting Chinese takeouts next week again.

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hi! can we come over for DINNER?