Monday, December 24, 2007

Elanor's Blessed because...

We've had several people point out since our cards went out that Elanor wasn't included on the card. Yes we still have Elanor the beautiful gray cat and we still love her. Forgetting her was simply an oversight. To make up for leaving her off, here is her list. Enjoy.

-Grrr... (soft growl) (I don't feel very blessed this year because the one blond thing learned to walk and thinks pulling my tail and sitting on me are actual games and the other blond thing that walks on 4 legs thinks chasing me and sniffing me are things I enjoy. Note to the 2 blond things-I don't like this stuff!)
-Meow, Meow (I get to eat wet cat food almost everyday of the week.)
-Purr, Purr (Despite the two tall things deciding to rock my world and bring in the small blond thing the hairy blond thing, I still love them and almost every night reunite with one or both and get petted to my heart's content, which makes it all worth it.)

Meow, Meow, Purr! (Merry Christmas and Happy new year!)

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