Sunday, October 07, 2007

Bad Mama

Today Anne was crying for her nap when we put her down. This is pretty rare for her so after about half an hour, I went in to rock with her. The few times she has cried for her nap lately, if I rock with her she goes down right away. While I was rocking her she told me "poo poo" (yes, my 17 month old accurately tells me when she's gone poo-very advanced, I know.) I felt her diaper with my hand but didn't think it felt full so I figured she was just talking. I put her back down and she didn't fall asleep. She cried for the next hour when we finally had pity on her and took her out. And low and behold, she had pooped in her diaper and that was why she couldn't sleep. So not only did I not believe my daughter when she told me she had pooped, but I caused her to not get a nap today because of this disbelief. I'm a bad mama...

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